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Auto Glass Repair

Auto Hood and Bumper Clear Bra

Professional installation of protective film on autos.

Auto Hood and Bumper Clear BraInvisible auto protection is a great alternative to the common leather bra kits.  Shield your car's hood and bumper and show it off. Using the clear bra, it is aesthetic, durable and strong. We professionally install the protective clear bra on nearly any type of car. It is time to protect your vehicle today.

This protection film will not change the body features of the automobile.

Forget the hanging bug guards and always having to worry about the paint on your car. This film will protect the car's paint from the elements. Also no need drill holes or damage your care to hang a mechanical fastener to attach a bug guard.

Protective film will prevent damages to the auto's bumper/rear bumper, grill, doors, roof, rocker panels, a-pillars, splash areas. We will cover the car with quality protective film.


protective film auto clear bra protective film

Benefits and Qualities
  • Scratch resistant, Acid resistant, Smashes upon impact and Grab glass protector.
  • Optically clear, vandal-resistant film is virtually undetectable to the human eye.
  • Resists attacks from knifes, razors, and graffiti, protecting your costly glass surfaces.
  • Easy to remove, sacrificial peel -away barrier between your storefront windows and malicious vandals.
  • Removable film adheres clearly. If removed the film leaves little to no residue.
  • Gouge Resistant.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Used for both Indoor and Outdoor

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