Glass Repair and Replacement FAQs

What types of Auto Glass damage are covered by insurance?

Insurance covers auto glass damages from all types of causes. Auto glass damage resulting from road hazards or vandalism is covered in the comprehensive section of your insurance. Damage caused by moving vehicle accidents is covered by the collision

Is just my windshield covered, or my windows, too?

With the exception of your mirrors, ALL of the glass in your car is covered, not just your windshield.

If I make an auto glass claim on my comprehensive coverage will my rates increase?

We have found that most insurers do not or cannot adjust an individual policy holder's rates because of a comprehensive glass claim, however you should contact your insurer directly to make sure your specific policy is not affected.

Does the insurance company pay Touch Of Glass or do I pay you and submit your bill to my insurer?

In most cases, we are normally paid directly by your insurance company. This saves you from being out of pocket while you wait to be reimbursed by your insurance company.

Should I call my insurer or Touch Of Glass first?

That's entirely up to you! If you'd like to call Touch Of Glass first, we will be happy to make your appointment, verify your insurance, and contact your insurer. If you feel more comfortable calling your insurer first, your insurer will provide you with a process to adjust your claim. You have the right to get your vehicle repaired by the repair company of your choice. Touch Of Glass knows the pricing required by insurance companies, and we adhere to them. If you want Touch Of Glass to perform your services, request Touch Of Glass from your insurance company, and accept no substitutes!

Which insurers waive comprehensive deductible when a windshield is repaired rather than replaced?

Most major insurers have programs to waive your comprehensive deductible for windshield repair. Please call Touch Of Glass and we can confirm if your insurance company is a company that waives your deductible.