Auto Glass Repair
Auto Glass Repair

Headlight Restoration

When your headlights are restored with us you will have clear, bright, durable, long-lasting finish that will exceed factory standards.

protectivefilmA vehicle's headlight enclosures come with factory original equipment manufacturer ultra violet protective coating. These types of enclosures are polymer based coated. They are bonded together before installation under intense UV light to be optically clear, durable and long lasting.

But the Natural Elements over time (sunlight) will cause the headlight lens to slowly oxidize and discolored. This cloudy look does not only look unappealing but actually restricts the brightness of the headlamps. (Replacement is also an alternative)



  • Clear car lens for several years.
  • Headlight restoration is a very cost effective
  • Helps the environment by not throwing away the old headlights.
  • You can see better during night driving.
  • Powerful way to get a focused beam.
  • Adds value to the car.
  • Makes the auto look newer.
  • Enhances the look of the vehicle's front end and give it more class

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