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Auto Glass Repair

Protective Film

Professional installation of protective film on Showcases, Windows, Glass Table Tops, Display Cases, Bus and Train Windows, Residential and Commercial Bathroom Windows, Building Exteriors and more. 

Protection Film for Anti-Graffiti Window are stick vandal-resistant window film that shields glass surfaces against graffiti, minor scratches and vandalism.

Our glass film protects people and properties worldwide. Our protective films cover windows and defend against burglaries and mother nature. Our glass protection film can effectively maintain your property’s pristine image while helping you continue running your business as usual saving your company money in glass replacement cost.

This product is an optically clear, sacrificial window film that is placed on the exterior side of glass surfaces. Ideal for retail stores, buildings, buses, and trains. Our unique mounting adhesive is designed to make the damaged film peel away easily in a time efficient manner.

protective film protective film protective film protective film
Benefits and Qualities
  • Scratch resistant, Acid resistant, Smashes upon impact and Grab glass protector.
  • Optically clear, vandal-resistant film is virtually undetectable to the human eye.
  • Resists attacks from knifes, razors, and graffiti, protecting your costly glass surfaces.
  • Easy to remove, sacrificial peel -away barrier between your storefront windows and malicious vandals.
  • Removable film adheres clearly. If removed the film leaves little to no residue.
  • Gouge Resistant.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Used for both Indoor and Outdoor

  • Installation

    Our staff will place this maintenance free protective film on any or all windows to your home, office or building. If a window were to break, our film will assist in holding the broken shards together thus reducing the chances of window penetration and shards of loose glass. When applied by an authorized our office the film is undetectable to the human eye. This protective film protects your glass while protecting your home or business. This film reduces the need of unpleasant burglar bars and hurricane shutters. Our product is great quality and will not yellow or distort overtime.

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